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PostPosted: 2014/04/14 5:50:35    Post subject:

This was a good one but you did not get me this time. :D  It is really surprising though because I am one of the most gullible people.

PostPosted: 2014/04/10 9:41:30    Post subject:

Having been so busy with the new house.. I haven't played much or checked forums in a few weeks. I read this post this morning on the Exodar forums and before I checked the date of the post, I was like 'WTH' LOL

Good one Giggles.. you got me!

PostPosted: 2014/04/03 7:24:52    Post subject:

April Fools, y'all.

PostPosted: 2014/04/02 6:15:40    Post subject:

locktar mekkatorque!

PostPosted: 2014/04/01 19:43:08    Post subject:

Gnome for Life!

Happy April Fools Day

PostPosted: 2014/04/01 5:38:11    Post subject: CHEESE VENDOR IS MOVING!

Apathy, boredom, ennui, and armory breakage have pushed me to a grand decision. Cheese Vendor will be switching allegience and moving to the Horde in two weeks time.  Many of you know that I recently moved my hunter to the Horde for some achievement runs. I realized in the last couple of weeks that this is the place for me. I also realize that it is a better location for the guild.

I know that some of you will not wish to switch allegience, but seriously, the racials are better. And its painfully obvious that the Horde gets all the love from Blizzard. There's just too much to pass up.

I have come to the conclusion as well that I would like to return to progression raiding and my hunter's glory days in ICC. I will be focusing on recruiting for raiding in the next expansion. I think CV will have a better chance being on the Horde side where all the 'best' players reside.

I understand the cost can be prohibitive. I've decided to forgo a few 'luxury' items around here (no more lattes!) as I pay for my toons' transfers. We will welcome any new toons you decide to roll, if you can't pay for transfers. The merger with Medivh has given us this option - you can make 10 new Horde toons!

My decision was sealed last night when I was running challenge modes with a tauren paladin. I just couldn't stop thinking of Veon as tauren

I hope you all will join us because I truly enjoy your company. If not, I understand. I will help you find other welcoming Alliance guilds. There is a CV Alliance guild we formed on Medivh, which may be an option for some of you.

I'm really looking forward to this. I think it will improve the quality of our game experience and the quality of our guild.

I will be available for any questions tonight. Have a great day.  Oh, and as you think of transfers and race changes, really consider the options and which is best for your class. I'm so over night elves and draenei...


APRIL FOOLS ... duh.