Main: Veon

Job: Knower of Everything, Special Event Leader

Alts: Arcturas, Automagic, Healium

Location: Austin, TX

Name: Andrew

Favorite Cheese: I like the four cheese Cheddar/Colby/Monterey Jack/Asadero blend on my sandwiches.  I'm a dirty cheese blender, *sob*






Main: CycloneLinke

Job: Keeper of the Peace and Roster Regulator

Alts: Any other toon with "Cyc" in it.

Location: Southern Maine

Name: Joe

Favorite Cheese: Colby Jack, Provolone, any cheddar, and almost any other cheese that you can melt.

Side note: I'm that uncle everyone has that feeds the kids lots of chocolate, then sends them home pinging with a sugar buzz. 



Main: Gigglefoot

Job: Anything but tanking......(She's really good at it, but doesn't want to be the tank)

Alts: Djouma, Sophonisba, Gigglefist, Tuija, Skipwinkle, Zozzle (confirmed altaholic)

Location: Missouri

Name: Maggie

Nickname: it's DJ or Giggles or whatever...


Favorite Cheese: Mimolette or Gorgonzola or Roquefort, or... Mmmm, Morbier...  Taleggio, Pecorino, Stilton, Emmental, Brie, anything made from goats milk... I love cheese. I love saying "gorgonzola."






Main: Platypi

Job: Banker Extraordinaire

Alts: Snickerdoodl, Velorelas, Puppypi, Sanvean

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Name: Kayte

Favorite Cheese: All of the ones that aren't blue




 Main: Güts

Job: Leader of Raid Team

Alts: Jackdaw, Puppy

Location: Brooklyn, NY

Name: Jay

Favorite Cheese: Smoked Mozzarella