General Policy

1. When conducting youself in game, be courteous and respectful to others while keeping chat and vent PG. You are representing all the members of Cheese Vendor. It's simple - don't be a jerk.
2. Items in the Guild Bank are there for all to use as long as you are close to the same level as the item's minimum requirement, you are able to use the item on the toon that you're removing the item with and you aren't taking the item to sell in the Auction House.  Items are not to be sent to non-guild toons or those without bank access.
3. To maintain an active member base, if you are inactive or don't log onto your toons for three months your toon(s) will be removed from the guild.  If you are inactive for a month, your toon(s) will be demoted to Cheese It rank.  If you start playing your toons again and wish to rejoin CV you're more than welcome to, provided they were not removed for rule violations.
4. No begging for Gold, Gear and Runthroughs. Most people work hard enough to level their own toon, they don't want to level yours too.
5. No trolling. (Guild, general, or trade chat) Trolling is posting inflammatory, extraneous, or off-topic messages with the primary intent of provoking readers into an emotional response or of otherwise disrupting normal on-topic discussion.
6. No stealing.
7. CV members are not to violate Blizzards terms of service.

Any member of CV found violating any of part of this policy will be given one warning and then if the problem persists, they will be removed from the guild. If the violation is grievious enough, you may be removed immediately.

It is not nice to /ignore officers or other members of the guild.  If you have an issue with a guild member, please inform an officer.

The officers frequently get in-game mails regarding members that have been either good or bad, so please be sure to make a good impression!

Please remember that guilds are private groups and you are here by invitation, not by right.

If you have any Questions please see any of the Officers.




Guild Event Etiquette - Raids and Dungeons


These are the basic guild rules for running with the guild. Members of the raid team have more expectations placed on them for the Cheesy Raider Team.  Those expectations can be found in the Cheesy Raider Forums.

When scheduling an event, remember Cheese Vendors have priority over non-guilded pugs. Don't drop a guildmate because someone has better gear, ever

If you schedule an event, you are expected to lead. Remember the basic and guiding concept of Cheese Vendor - We are here to be welcoming to all and to have fun. That means you are expected to be kind, be helpful, and remember everyone has to start somewhere.

Cheese Vendor is a social/casual guild, however, we take our raids, dungeon runs and events seriously. Almost all members in good standing can schedule events. We like to have fun, but expect everyone to work for the good of the group. We also know people have varying degrees of skill - and that's ok. 

Raids take time. Sometimes lots of time. Sometimes everyone dies. Plan to spend several hours with your fellow cheesers when you sign up for a raid. Come with your gear in good order, bring drinks, food and pots. Be prepared to have the gold for repairs. 

Make sure you are geared for raid or dungeon content.  Sometimes, even though Blizzard tells you that you can enter an instance, you really shouldn't.  Everyone's time is important.  Sometimes you can be carried.  Sometimes you cannot be carried.

If you are new to the raid, spend time before watching videos or reading descriptions of the fights. Please be online at least 15 minutes before a raid is scheduled to start. 

Some simple rules: 

1. If you schedule an event, be there. 
2. If you sign up, be there. 
3. If you are interested, but not sure you can be there - sign up as "tentative". 
4. If you have scheduled an event, and must cancel it, please notify guildmates who have signed up.
5. Don't "kick" a guildmate from a run.  People are often undergeared, or new to instances.  If someone is not pulling their own weight, and the run is in jeopardy, you may politely ask them to leave. If asked to leave, you should bow out and try again later.
6. Don't start a long raid/event if you know you do not have time to complete it. 
7. If you must leave a run, please notify the group and help find a replacement, if your time permits.  Never drop a group without comment.
8. If you are invited, respond. You can decline an invitation, but no response is just rude.
9. Loot rules are set by the raid/event leader. Breaking loot rules can get you banned from future events; and in some scenarios, the guild.

Any issues that come up during events should be brought to the attention of Gigglefoot or the officers ASAP.



Guild Ranking

   Rank Description
Master Grater Mistress of Cheese Guild Master. The Big Cheese.
Cheesemonger  Cheesemonger Officer. A Cheesemonger shows impressive dedication to Cheese Vendor.  Generally speaking, this person has shown the ability to put the guild's needs above that of their own (We mean in-game, as real life is still more important than WoW).  An officer has shown the ability to take on added responsibility - officiating over guild matters, leading others, and taking care of the day to day running of the guild.  Officers are expected to have their main toons within the guild as Cheese Vendor is their main focus.  
Monger Alt  Monger Alt Officer Alt. It's kind of self-explanitory.




Veteran member who has shown, and continues to show great dedication to the guild. The Gorgonzola has reached Aged Cheddar status and is true to the spirit of Cheese Vendor - participating in events, helping others in guild. The Gorgonzola realizes that being in a social guild requires social interaction and commitment to others. This player commits to attending at least one scheduled event weekly while at this rank.
Aged Cheddar  Aged Cheddar Veteran Member. The Aged Cheddar has been an active member for 3 months or more. 
Better Cheddar  Better Cheddar Full Member. You've passed the initial trial period and get along well with your fellow guild members. A Better Cheddar is expected to follow guild rules.  You are also encouraged to participate in scheduled guild activities when you can. Enjoy your access to the guild bank!
Cheese It  Cheese It Two-Week Trial Period. This is also the default rank for inactive toons.  If you've been away for a month or more and return, you will be promoted after the 2 week period.
Lactose Intol Lactose Intol You've been naughty.

All ranks have access to a limited daily amount of repairs from the guild funds.