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About Cheese Vendor

Exodar's Cheesiest Social Guild.


Who We Are

Cheese Vendor is a level 25 Exodar Alliance Guild formed way back by a group of friends who used the guild as a personal clubhouse.  As the extra cheese tab filled up they decided to share their love of cheese with the rest of the server.  Management has changed over time, but Cheese Vendor still strives to be a guild where everyone is welcome and feels at home. We have a large member base of mixed levels.  We have new players and seasoned veterans, alts and/or mains. We have a vent server, 8 bank tabs, and a tabard. Seriously, who doesn't have a tabard?

Our Goals

We like to have fun and help one another. We encourage active players. We like to do things together on a no-pressure basis. We are a social/leveling guild and raid once a week with a dedicated team.

Who is Welcome

We welcome active level 1-100 Mains, Alts (whomever you'd like to add to the guild), there are no restrictions or requirements. We do ask members with alts here to log onto them occasionally, toons left unattended for more than a reasonable amount of time will be removed.

If you would like to look us up on the armory please go to

Our rules are pretty basic: play nice and be respectful of others, both in and out of guild. This will make for happy cheese! (more detailed list of rules in the guild policy section) 

 ATTENTION NON-MEMBERS:  Should you have any trouble or complaints with a member of Cheese Vendor, you may contact Gigglefoot/Gigglefist in-game with your issue.    

Thanks! Gigglefoot

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